​​​Deep Tissue Massage 

​​​​​​​​​​Tucson Massage Studio


Tucson Massage Studio

is located at 1703 N. Navajo st. Tucson Az. 85745 on my small horse ranch right off of I10 and Speedway. I am in the El Rio Barrio, very close to the Santa Cruz River Bike Loop. I have a professional massage suite on the side of my home, nothing fancy, but very functional safe and comfortable.


Eve Christopher Ryznal



Text me for quickest schedule inquiries. Please include name and day you are looking for in text. 

Restorative Massage

60 minute session $60

90 minute session ​$90

​This massage is for the deep tissue lover or for those in need of therapeutic treatment. It has trigger point therapy and deeper stripping of the muscles. This treatment offers lasting relaxation and restoration of muscles. If you are suffering from neck and/or shoulder pain, lower back pain, pinched nerves, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, headaches or sinus issues, then this is the massage for you.

Rest & Repair Massage

 60 minute session $50

 90 minute session ​$75

This massage is a relaxing soothing luxurious treatment that is all about de-stressing the body. It is deep, compressing, kneading, nurturing and rejuvenating. I always recommend people start with this massage. I use the highest quality oils and lotions and offer an option of hot packs and hot stones in each treatment.