​​​Deep Tissue Massage 

​​​​​​​​​​Tucson Massage Studio

That hurts so good!

Deep tissue work should never be real painful. It activates the fight or flight part of the nervous system which causes the muscles to tighten. Mindful release of tight muscles is the best approach. Knowing where a muscle starts and ends and finding where it's frozen is the key.


Everyone is different in this area. Some people experience soreness and some don't after a deep tissue session. The tighter you are the more likely you will experience some soreness. Drinking lots of water and taking a nice hot bath usually takes care of it.


I can't promise you a legendary massage that brings you to divine bliss and nirvana but....I can promise you that I will be honest and give you the most effective therapeutic treatment as possible. I've been told many times, "You know all the spots".


Nothing is more important to the success of a massage then to speak up. Help me to find your problem areas and to ensure that the treatment is comfortable for you. Share in the responsibility for making your massage an effective experience.

Massage therapist

Eve Christopher Ryznal

I am a mindful Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor. I have a degree in business and a 1000 hr certificate of Massage Therapy from the Desert Institute of Healing Arts. I have been massaging and teaching yoga now for 12 years. 


The way of yoga and massage therapy is to bring health and balance to the body by freeing up tight muscles that are creating systemic imbalances.

Tucson Massage Studio

is a small therapist owned studio that specializes in therapeutic deep tissue massage therapy with an emphasis on neck and shoulder issues. Established 2005.